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16 Responses to Will your insurance drop you if you drive for Uber?

  • Ashley Epis says:

    Geico WILL drop you if you even mention Uber. It’s not even a little bit
    situational. I made the mistake of asking about it, in the same way that
    you did, while they had already been looking at my account. To clarify, I’m
    NOT AN UBER DRIVER and NEVER HAVE BEEN, I was just ASKING about it. The
    next thing I know, my policy is cancelled. That’s why she was asking for
    your policy #, not to “look into it” more, but to set up the flag to cancel
    your policy.

    I can’t speak for any other companies, but just to warn you guys, Geico
    most certainly WILL drop you from your policy if you drive for Uber, and
    even sometimes if you so much as mention the name Uber. They’re
    specifically set up to “catch” Uber drivers. So there you go.

  • pigboykool says:

    Only common sense, any increase of usage or increase risk of accident
    affect your insurance rate, or may just drop you if all along if they
    consider the use of a car changed from personal use to commercial use.
    Insurance company will HAVE to take it to their consideration for your
    personal liability insurance company is still liable if there is legal
    problem with the Uber insurance as long as you are the driver. 

  • Cindy Fernandez says:

    Hey so I’m a uber driver, I’m making good money and wanted to buy a car of
    my own. I when to carmax because their cheaper than a dealer. So I found
    out if they know you work for uber they will not sell you a car. This was
    news to me. The guy who was showing me the cars said not to even mentioned
    that word “uber” but he still wanted my business of buying a car. So at
    least that was good. But this worker just told me that carmax got an email
    saying their not selling your vehicles to Uber driver’s. Why? I have no

  • Paul Dickson says:

    Actually if you read the terms and conditions when you sign up for uber,
    they tell you that as a private company, which is what you are classed as
    the full responsibility is the drivers. Uber commercial insurance covers
    them being sued, not the driver. Drive with personal insurance at your own
    risk, uber will NOT back you up. 

  • Albert Zee says:

    Read about Uber insurance at

    “The insurance that private drivers carry does not cover the car, or the
    driver, if the car is being used professionally to provide transportation
    for hire. This kind of coverage requires commercial insurance, the type
    required by law in conventional taxi’s and limo services. This commercial
    insurance is
    significantly more costly than standard personal coverage, and to purchase
    this kind of insurance would render the driving of an Uber car economically

  • DaPhatPhantom says:

    I don’t think they’ll drop you. I believe the smart business move for them
    is to continue to collect insurance payments until a claim is made… Then
    deny it.

  • Noyjeetut says:

    Loved the story your face told during to video & the reluctance when asked
    for your policy number.

  • Nonya Busiines says:

    Hahah you wouldn’t give her your info. I wouldn’t either lol I think you
    can just drive and your rates won’t go up unless you tell them 

  • Max Rebos says:

    I spoke to Geiko, Mapfre Commerce Insurance, Hanover insurance and one
    other I forget and they WILL drop you. Yes you could lie if you get into an
    accident, but is it really worth the risk. The only one I found that will
    cover you when you are not driving for uber at the time is Plymouth Rock
    Insurance. Uber will ONLY cover you when you are logged into the Uber app
    as a driver. 

  • SkullAngel002 says:

    Was so distracted by the hot-sounding Geico chick on the phone that I
    forgot the reason you even called them.

  • rick says:

    fucking scab!!!!

  • julio carrillo says:

    your wild dude im from seguin but live in fort worth about to start
    driving for lyft in dallas excited do you think ill make lots of green

  • sdegfin dega says:

    not true when you driver under uber if you on the clock then uber covers
    you don’t even have to contact your insurance company By law you can’t be

  • Jim R says:

    Better question: Do you live in a state that allows you to record phone
    calls without consent?

    As for the other question, drop you? Maybe not… refuse to cover an
    incident? Bet on it.

  • Ryan McFarland says:

    Hey Alex…be careful when you call you’re auto insurance company to ask
    questions. The simple act of asking hypothetical questions could cause your
    rates to skyrocket. Read this article from the Dallas Morning News and
    spread the word to other Lyft drivers.

  • Joe Collins says:

    If you own your own home check into a $1,000,000 umbrella policy. 


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