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  • pigjubby1 says:

    The difference between a 25/50 and a 250/500 policy is unreal. Ask. It may
    be just about 200-300 dollars a year more. In the end you will regret not
    knowing that. The hardest part of all of this is, the agent will never tell
    you that. You have to ask for it. The agent does not volunteer it. They are
    agents of the insurance company first. Especially companies like AAA. They
    are your protector and the same ones who will loss money? You have to be on
    drugs to believe that. Good luck!

  • pigjubby1 says:

    How do I know? I lost everything with the 25/50 AAA sold me. I was as
    ignorant as almost 99% of all policy holders. I learned a lot now, but it
    was too late. I lost everything in the wreck I caused. Were his injuries
    more than I had in coverage? It does not matter. Juries award tens of
    thousands. Don’t be cheap to save two hundred dollars, especially if you
    own a home or have a good career.

  • lowmileageinsurance says:

    Do you have all of your car insurance needs covered? If you still are
    uncertain, why not compare car insurance policies to ensure you find a
    suitable policy you and your car? Let us do the hard work for you.

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  • pigjubby1 says:

    Do not insure yourself on what you have. Insure yourself on what the other
    guy has. if you own a home and you paralyze someone’s son in a crash and
    you have 100K coverage? Guess what? You just lost your home. Forget
    worrying abut pennies. Ask about what 100K, 200K and 500K cost. It will
    blow your mind. Just a couple of hundred more than your premium you already

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