Learn the basics about auto insurance in a flash. Hear from a one of the nation’s top insurance advisors who will explain why auto insurance is so important,…
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  • Quotez says:

    Pretty good!

  • Jackson Telly says:


  • Jayson Bass says:

    Car insurance is a necessity since there are a lot of accidents that can
    happen on the road. It’s not that complicated to understand with the help
    of the information in this video

  • Ted Tombros says:

    Learn more about the basics of auto insurance in this quick video from LIFE
    Happens. Auto Insurance 101

  • Nazeli Manukyan says:

    We understand that it is in the client’s interest to select a coverage that
    will be friendly to the budget. But we must also remember that it is
    important to consider the amount of protection you would prefer in case of
    an accident. Auto Insurance is purchased for financial coverage against
    bodily injuries and/or physical damages resulting from traffic collisions.
    It is also capable of providing coverage against damages sustained from
    circumstances other than traffic collisions.
    While you may want to choose minimum coverage, which your state sets, it is
    a good idea to balance the idea of what you would want in case of an
    accident. Should you want a premium that is lower, you may need to be
    prepared to pay more out of pocket when there is an accident. In
    comparison, selecting a higher premium now will potentially yield to
    greater protection in the future. There are coverages which are mandatory
    by law, such as Liability Coverage, some that are highly recommended, such
    as Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage, and one like Comprehensive
    Coverage, which may be required by a third party such as an auto leasing

  • FindCarAccidentLawyer says:

    There is a lot of helpful information provided in this video about car
    insurance and how it can help you.

  • Rajendra Divecha says:

    Why do insurance companies offer a discounted premium if paid in full for 6
    months? it is technically very much possible to debit the same amount
    divided by 6 monthly from my bank account. They talk about service fees and
    all but anybody can tell it is crap. Thus, it merely looks like they show
    you one large amount and then one discounted amount as they know that the
    customer will choose to pay in full, basically it helps them get the money
    much quicker! Why do they do this?

  • carinsurancearticle says:

    great video

  • StevensInsurance says:

    This is a good video. More people need to understand the basics of auto

  • forrestauto says:

    Well done video, I have embedded it to our shop blog.

  • Bob Wiley says:

    You did an excellent job highlighting the importance of auto coverage.
    There are plenty of people who think it’s too expensive, but think about
    the amount of money a good auto insurance policy can (and almost always
    will) save you.

  • Cheap Insurance Quotes says:

    Excellent presentation. Many thanks.

  • saper321 says:

    You don’t need car insurance. Mandatory car insurance is a definition of
    fascism. Same with health insurance, home insurance, etc.

  • IMAutobots says:


  • Brandon Moore says:


  • Makara Lay says:

    thanks for share but could you do more detail about insurance.

  • CheapCarInsuranceRD says:

    Great video! Thanks for uploading!

  • insurancegame says:

    Auto insurance is a scam and they’ll refuse to renew if you file a claim
    and the accident doesn’t have to be your fault, they do this to punish you
    and the government allows it. It’s not as simple as going to another
    company because they’ll label you an unacceptable driver which makes it

  • autoinsurancemonster says:

    Liability Insurance must be proved in my state before registration is


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