Being a business owner means that you are legally responsible – liable – for anything and everything connected with your business. Besides the normal liability you take on with your products or services, you are even liable for damages if someone slips and falls on your property. Knowing the way most liability law suits have been settled recently — right or wrong, justified or not — your cost in cold hard cash could be staggering. But with self-employed liability insurance you have an easy, manageable way to protect yourself, your family, and everything you’ve worked for.

You see, anyone can sue you for anything. And a claimant doesn’t even have to win his case against you to financially destroy you and your business. He only has to file a lawsuit. That’s all. This will cause you to spend money on courts and attorneys to defend yourself because you have no choice. And these legal bills can run into the tens of thousands of dollars or more very quickly. Ask yourself how you would pay tens of thousands of dollars or more to defend yourself against a lawsuit. It doesn’t take long to come up with the logical answer: self employed liability insurance, which costs only a tiny fraction of the cost of the alternative nightmare.

In a famous case in Dallas, recently, a dry – cleaner accidentally ruined a man’s pants while cleaning them. Unfortunately, the owner didn’t have self employed liability insurance. He thought it was just another expense he didn’t need. But a lawsuit filed by the customer for a pair of pants that could be replaced for less than $ 200, eventually caused the small dry cleaner to sell several of his stores to pay the legal bills to defend himself against this and it hasn’t even reached the court yet. Vindictive? Yes. Unreasonable? Yes. But very real, and the legal battle drags on.

Think about it. Even lawyers who know all the ins and outs of the law have personal, self employed liability insurance for what is called “errors and omissions.” Legal action can be brought against them because they simply missed crossing a “t” or doting an “I”. Just a simple omission, but it may have caused their client to lose substantial money, or worse, caused an innocent person to be wrongly jailed. If lawyers feel the need to have this, then it is certainly worth your consideration.

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And this is not restricted to just one area of our lives either. So, when you consider the likelihood of things going awry in the workplace, it can all become a bit of a worry! The more staff you have in your employment, the higher the possibility becomes of something going wrong. And if your day to day work involves the general public, then there are even more possibilities to consider… Even a relatively minor mishap can become a costly business if it is deemed to have been your fault.

This is where a public liability insurance policy can be such a prudent thing to have. Not only will it give you great peace of mind, but it will come into play in a variety of different scenarios. Such a diversity of professions will benefit from this type of cover; shops, bouncy castle hire, amusement parks and even sports events. All in all, there is a far greater need for public liability cover than you would think!

But with some professions the need for this kind of protection may not be so immediately obvious…

Here are a few examples

What possible reason could a photographer have for public liability cover? Well, imagine if they were booked for a wedding shoot (quite a common occurrence)… and they managed to damage someones property in the process of taking their pictures. Most public liability policies will protect you in this kind of situation.

Industrial Cleaners
Floors will frequently require the use of water and detergent during the cleaning process… and these are both great ingredients for someone to have a nasty fall!

Scissors, hair trimmers and razors are all very sharp items… You may be one of the worlds most skilled and conscientious hair stylists, but accidents can still happen!

You are probably beginning to see how important it can be to have a good public liability policy in place. None of us will plan on having accidents or mishaps; in fact, most of us will go out of our way to avoid them! However, the truth of it is that things can easily go wrong from time to time. And that in itself makes public liability cover a very wise type of insurance to consider.

Since we are unable to see what life has in store for us it is always sensible to be prepared for the worst! We may not have the ability to prevent accidents from happening in the first place, but at least there are measures we can take that will help us to get things back on track.

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Your business liability insurance will safeguard your personal finances, as well as protect your business. Without this insurance, your business could be lost. You may be the only employee of your business, or you may have thousands of employees. It is equally important for any type or size business to carry liability insurance.

Although none of us like to think about it, it’s important to realize the possibility of accidents. After all, all you have to do is pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV to see that they are a regular occurrence. Without business liability insurance business owner will be responsible for any accidents that occur. This could mean financial disaster both personally and for the business.

Imagine something as simple as having a customer spill a small amount of liquid on the floor of your store. Perhaps the customer doesn’t realize that they have spilled, or are unaware of how serious a situation can be created by this. The customer leaves the store without telling you that the floor is wet. The next customer comes into the store not knowing that there is a wet spot, walks straight across it, slips, falls, and cannot get up. Because it is their floor, the store is responsible. Without business liability insurance, the stores also is financially responsible.

All of the costs associated with the situation will be very high. From the cost of an ambulance, medical assistance, hospital stays, lost time from work, the list goes on and on. Needless to say this will be quite an expensive endeavor. Because this store is properly insured, this will not become the owners expense.

Both people who offer private services, and those operating large corporations, will certainly need to carry business liability insurance. Without it, most of these businesses would not last for very long.

Before you are either considering opening a business, or already have one, be certain to obtain proper business liability insurance.

Every company needs a business liability insurance policy to cover those unforeseen accidents and incidents where the company is legally liable. A business general liability insurance policy should be part of every company’s insurance portfolio as it is basic business insurance coverage.


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