Rising like an enormous barrier between France and Spain, the Pyrenees are one of the most impressive mountain ranges in the whole of Europe. This has long been a popular destination with skiers, as this region stretches for some 430kms all the way from the Bay of Biscay towards the Mediterranean of Languedoc and the area is studded with terrific ski resorts.

Another thing that makes the Pyrenees such a popular skiing destination is that a large number of hot springs can be found here, and these are the perfect places to soak away aches and pains after spending the day sliding on the slopes.

But before you reach for the travel brochures, it is important to spare a thought for ski insurance, which can make the different between the carefree holiday of a lifetime and one spent worrying that any false move on the piste could end in a very expensive trip to the hospital.

Available for a surprisingly small fee, ski insurance will cover travellers for both on and off the piste skiing as well as snowboarding, providing that you remain inside the ski area boundaries of any of hundreds of recognised ski resorts.

The great thing about ski insurance is that it can be arranged online from the comfort of your own home in just a few minutes, while the peace of mind it offers lasts throughout the duration of your trip.

One of the most popular regions of the Pyrenees among skiers in the know are the Pyrenees of Languedoc, which rise from the Mediterranean to the east and end near the duty-free enclave of Andorra. Unlike the Western Pyrenees, the Languedoc Pyrenees are mostly formed from granite and although they may not be as lofty as the Alps, this mighty mountainous region has its own gentle charm.

A large number of Spanish villages can be found here, which are popular with lovers of cuisine and culture. Visitors can reach the Languedoc Pyrenees and the area’s stunning ski resorts by taking the N116 road past the large town of Prades as well as the gorgeous walled village of Ville Franche-le-Conflent.

The Languedoc side of the Pyrenees is famed for its high quality snow, and skiing here is a real treat. Another thing that makes skiing in this part of the world an unforgettable experience is that it is blessed with high levels of sunshine, while is ideal for those who plan to take part in apres-ski activities such as hiking.

Snowboarding has also become pretty popular in the Pyrenees in recent years at all of the area’s major ski resorts. While sports such as snowblading are less common, this craze and a whole host of others are starting to spread.  

Wherever you decide to go on your next skiing adventure, it is important to make sure you’re insured and covered for every eventuality.

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We have all seen the photos of someone standing knee deep in a stream while fly-fishing. It looks so peaceful, out in nature, enjoying God’s creation and pulling in huge trout. Well it seldom starts out that way!

Fly-fishing is an art form. It takes practice and patience. For some, it’s almost a Zen thing. “You must be one with the elements”.

Well for me, I also needed a credit card with a low balance and high limit. Gone are the days of digging up some worms, fishing with a tree limb and a line thicker then a shoelace. Fish are much smarter these days. We live in the times of Hi-Tech fishing.

Millions of dollars are spent in researching and understanding fish habitat, and then developing new products to catch these smart fish. The tree branch rods have been replaced with co-polymer, laminated, graphite, wiz-bang rods with titanium guides, which come in various weights, lengths and colors. Reels that cost more then them my laptop, and lines, which sink, float, fast or slow taper, tipper, leader and knots, which use a nail! I just want to catch a fish!!!

Now we come to the flies. I never knew there were so many different types of bugs. Some of these flies are tied on a hook so small, I would need two pairs of reading glasses to even see them, while others are the size of a small bird. I am told I need a wide variety because I need to “match the hatch”, which is code for find the fly that looks like that bug which just bit you. Don’t worry about that red welt which is growing to the size of your eyeball. You are doing this to relax and have fun. Oh Yah!

I soon learned it’s not ok to wade in the stream with cut-offs and sneakers. NOOOOOOO! You need breathable lightweight waders with wading boots and a fishing vest. I guess I should have checked the dress code. I Ok, there is another $ 350. Again, I just want to catch some fish.

I should have been suspicious when my wife didn’t complain about me spending all of this money on fly-fishing. I just thought she was being supportive and rewarding me for working all of those long hard hours at work. I think I discovered her evil plot on one of my first trips.

I am now set. I have my $ 600 fly rod with my $ 400 reel. My $ 350 waders and boots, $ 50 hat, $ 150 prescription polarized sunglasses and $ 300 worth of flies and assorted tackle.

As I start to enter the river I thought, “there better be some damn fish in here”! I carefully waded out to what I thought was a good spot.

After just a few casts, I decided it would be better to stand on a nearby rock. It was a pretty rock. It had a lovely green color to it. As soon as my foot touched that rock, I suddenly understood my college physics class. When a 300-pound body is in motion, and steps on a slimy green rock, the laws of thermal dynamics will prevent my foot from stopping.

It appears that the green ooze on the rock is much like spraying silicone on the break pads of your car. I was not aware that my legs could spread that far! I guess it helped that my other foot became lodged between two other rocks. It would have helped if my knee had not struck that green rock, as I fell into the water.

If these $ 350 waders are breathable, then why didn’t they spit out all of the water that was rushing inside? I must have looked like a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I now know what a Turtle experiences, when they are placed on their backs.

With my $ 50 hat and $ 150 prescription sunglasses gone, I struggled to get to my feet. Since my waders were now full of water I must have weighed somewhere around the 500 pound mark. All this time, I am thinking, “It’s fine, I am just a little wet. The worst is over”. At least I had my fly rod and all of the gear. That is until, I again slipped and fell on the rod snapping it like a tooth pick.

At this point, the thought of catching a fish has left my mind. I just wanted to get out of these water logged waders and clothes. My knee was swelling and my ankle was starting to throb.

Since I was in a rather secluded portion of the river with no one was around, I decided to strip naked and wring out my clothes. All I could think of is “how am I going to keep these wet clothes off my leather car seats?” I CERTAINLY did not want to stain those lovely seats. I just bought the car a few months ago.

As luck has it, it was a warm summer day. I laid my clothes on the near by bushes to dry. As I lay down to rest for a while, I must have fallen asleep. I was having such a wonderful dream of catching fish with my new fly rod, when I felt something poking me. When I opened my eyes, I discovered that a small crowd had assembled.

It seems a family was floating down the river and reported a dead body on the beach. They said, “He must be dead because his stomach is bloated.” Well, I wasn’t dead, but I was a little sunburned. It’s interesting that the portions of our bodies, which seldom see the sun, burn sooner then, let’s say our arms. Oh yah! I was on a rocky beach, buck naked with a swollen knee, throbbing ankle, and burned gonads!

I didn’t need to worry about staining my lovely leather car seats, because that nice police officer with the nightstick, gave me a ride to the jail. My clothes were dry once my wife came down and bailed me out. The police were so nice to tow my car for safe keeping while I was staying in their care and it only cost my $ 500 to get it back.

I am no longer interested in learning how to fly fish. I now hire a guide, so if anything breaks, or I get arrested, I will have someone to sue!

© Ken Bear Cole All rights reserved
Fishing with Bear LLC

I am a pro fishing guide in Portland, Oregon. ! am also a gifted writer of humorous outdoor adventure stories. I will hopefully have a collection of stories published this winter.

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Not all elderly need long term care insurance, but it does not mean everyone should overlook this protection during their retirement years. The recent survey and studies on the cost of care in the United States are upsetting, giving the impression that people would suffer paying for exorbitant LTC services throughout their senior life. Seniors could stay in nursing homes and other LTC facilities for the average span of two years, while those with chronic health issues and cognitive disorder would take five and more years of stay.


Most long term care policiesoffer numerous features and options of services that consumers find difficult to select and understand. The following are what most LTCi policiescover:


The Daily Benefit

This refers to the amount you wish to receive on a daily basis, and it has direct effect to the price of your premium – the higher the daily benefit means more expensive premiums. You must assess how much daily benefits you need to avoid overpayment. Take time to research on the costs of LTC services in your community or state to get a clearer picture on how much daily benefits you will need.

The Length of Benefits


The average stay in LTC facilities is two to five years, so it is a wise decision to keep your benefits within that time period. However, you must look at other factors such as your family’s longevity and health history, and your personal health background as well. There are few companies that offer unlimited benefits, but expect the premiums are extra expensive.


The Elimination Period


Elimination period is commonly called a “deductible” which is the same as other types of health and life insurance. These are usually the number of days the policyholders, from zero to 365 days, would pay for their care through out-of-pocket expenses. You reserve the right to choose your elimination period depending on your financial capacity to pay the preliminary costs.


The Inflation Protection


This is the most important features in LTCi because it increases the daily benefits. Some experts recommend 5% inflation to keep the premiums controllable and the benefits increasing as much as possible. However, you must assess yourself how much inflation rate you can afford, because it will surely affect the amount of your premiums.


Guaranteed Renewable

This means the policy shall continue provided that you are paying the premiums and comply with the company’s policy. The coverage should continue regardless when the company stops offering the same kind of policies.  This feature does not ensure the premiums will not increase its rates or the premiums itself.


Levels of Care the Policy Covers


Most LTC policies may cover skilled and non-skilled care. Registered nurses and health care professionals provide skilled care services such as supervision on medications and therapy. Non-skilled services are generally assistance with activities at home to help the patients continue their normal lives. This means policyholders may enjoy the flexibility of using the benefits for nursing care and home care.  Some policies may include the coverage for your family members or anyone you wish to provide care for you.

Differentiate the various features and options in long term care insurance.Browse through long term care insurance glossary to understand things better.

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