The smart consumer today would consider an income protection cover as one can never predict or envisage the future which may hold good and bad moments. When undesirable moments come by the way, consumers usually need to take the bull by its horns or be gored. Only the smart and trained matador would deter the bull skillfully with the red cloth. An income protection cover is likened to the matador’s red cloth; one must be prepared for the worst by being trained and far-sighted.

Planning ahead

The adage ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’ holds water when the consumer does not consider the possible hiccups in life while they are in an advantageous position. Instead of opting for a ‘day-to-day’ lifestyle, the smart consumer would consider an income protection cover in good times to prepare for the bad times.

By planning ahead in life, the consumer is able to take the worry out of their life. An income protection cover allows the consumer to make time for undesired possibilities that could come about. A small premium could be invested for the future which can safeguard the consumer and the dependents.

But many consumers today are adopting the ‘eat-drink-and-be-merry’ lifestyle without serious consideration of the future. Some undesirable incidents in life may not be a result of a personal decision or choice such as being an alcoholic or heavy smoker to contract critical illnesses; many consumers are unfortunate to have unkind circumstances come upon them suddenly such as a bad accident or caught in some disasters by being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Insurance Provisions

An income protection cover ensures that the consumer is provided for financially when the consumer is not fit to work for some time. Instead of being a burden to the dependents, the consumer is assured of a sum of money which can ease the family’s financial load as there would be medical bills to pay off with the severe medical condition.

The right income payment can be worked out easily with professional income protection cover agents after a discussion on the consumer’s current financial condition and lifestyle. The number of payments and amount would set the consumer on the right track to enjoy an income protection cover plan once the objectives of the plan are determined.

The consumer can choose from a myriad of income protection cover plans with the many features offered by the insurance company that makes the plan so flexible and dynamic.



Welcome to accident sickness insurance – Meet your living expenses in the event you are unable to work through accident sickness unemployment insurance. The main aim of ASU is to meet your financial outgoings and help maintain a income protection cover cover.

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A small proportion of car accident injuries may be life-threatening, or may result in permanent or temporary disability. However it is more common to suffer what is termed a less severe injury in a car accident, such as a whiplash injury. Even though it is classed as a less severe injury, whiplash can be incredibly painful and in serious cases the symptoms can last for months.

Car and road traffic accident claims If you have been involved in a car accident, collision, or other road traffic accident (RTA), you can testify to the disruption it can cause in your life. If you have also suffered an injury as a driver or passenger, that disruption can be far worse. You may have to take time off work to recover from your injuries, resulting in a loss of earnings.

If you have been injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault you may have grounds to make a car accident claim and win compensation for the injuries you have sustained – as the driver, passenger, or, another third party involved in the accident, if you have been knocked down by a car, for example.

Your car accident claim pay-out could make life easier for you during your recovery, paying for any loss of earnings and may speed up a return to work.

Free car accident claims advice and starting your claim

If you have recently been in a car accident and would like to find out more about how to make a claim or have any other queries, BritClaims offers a free advice service provided by an expert legal team.

We will make sure the right legal professional from our dedicated team of solicitors is available to help answer your questions. If you want to start a claim we can also help you find the right solicitor for your case to ensure you get the financial settlement you deserve.

All our solicitors offer free advice and if you decide to start a claim your case will be dealt with on a no win no fee basis. Your case will not cost you anything whether you win or lose.

Find out more about no win no fee arrangements and how you can get a solicitor acting for you without charging fees.

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