Wherever you are in South Carolina, as long as you have a car, you need to have it insured using South Carolina auto insurance. The law states that if you are a resident of this state and you are driving a car, you need to have it insured as soon as possible. Read on to find out more information about getting your car insured in the Palmetto State.

If you do not insure your vehicle before you get your driver’s license, you could be facing a lot of judicial punishments as well as fees and charges that should be paid. When you apply for a license, the state law requires that you should pass a proof that your car has been insured already.

Even when you are only going to renew your license after a few years, a proof of your policy or coverage should be submitted before your request will be processed. The only way possible that an applicant for license can be waived is when the applicant does not own a vehicle.

If you still are doubtful and having second thoughts about insuring your car, keep in mind the following situation. When you are driving around town and you violate any traffic laws, the real trouble could come when the officer comes. He is going to ask you for your proof of coverage on that same day. If you cannot give him any, you may have to face the consequences as determined by law.

When you are able to show the officer the proof of your coverage policy, he will then give you something called a Notice of Requirement or what is called as Form FR-10. This form means that you as a driver already gave proof of your coverage policy. You need to submit this in just fifteen days or your driver’s license could be suspended.

Like most states, the Palmetto State requires all resident drivers to include Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability in the coverage. Bodily Injury Liability covers all costs incurred from the physical damages of the involved party and Property Damage Liability covers all costs incurred from the damage to the vehicles of the involved party.

There are also certain minimum amounts required in this state. For instance, bodily injury per person must be at least twenty five thousand dollars and also for property damage. When you are in the Palmetto state you have to abide in all the laws of South Carolina auto insurance.

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