The RV lifestyle is experiencing tremendous growth, especially as the Baby Boomers increasingly flock to the freedom of the RV lifestyle. Lets now cover other coverage options available on a RV specialty policy that is generally not available on a standard auto policy.

The following are descriptions of specialty RV coverages that Specialty Insurance Agency are able to offer.

Emergency Vacation Expense coverage is an option that reimburses out-of-pocket expenses that occur when an RV is out of use due to a covered loss. This coverage is available on every specialty RV policy with a $ 750 coverage limit for recreational users, and a $ 1,500 limit for full-timers. Hotels, meals, and car rentals are all examples of expenses that may be reimbursed for RVers who are stuck in town while waiting for their RV to be repaired.

Vacation Liability provides general liability coverage while the RV is used as a vacation residence. This liability protection follows the insured from campsite to campsite, or RV lot to RV lot. It extends to the boundaries of the site to protect the insured from any incident where the insured may be legally responsible for. When an RVer becomes a full-timer, full-time personal liability replaces this coverage.

Diminishing deductibles is a coverage option that is hard to decline. When selected, it decreases the amount of the comprehensive and collision deductibles by 25% for every claim-free year until the deductible hits zero. For example, if the insured selects a $ 1,000 deductible for both comprehensive and collision coverage, it will decrease by $ 250 each year the insured stays claim free, and the insured will enjoy the premium savings of paying for a $ 1,000 deductible!

Replacement Cost for Personal Effects coverage is an option that replaces belongings inside the RV which are destroyed during a covered loss. Clothes, pots and pans, silverware, plates, bowls, DVDs, clock/radios, and lawn furniture are all examples of belongings that are covered under this option. More costly items, such as televisions that are not part of the RV, jewelry, stereos, and computers should be listed under Scheduled Valuable Personal Property coverage.

Extended Utility Trailer coverage is an option that covers utility trailers pulled behind a motor home. Every RV policy automatically covers physical damage to a utility trailer up to $ 2,500. However, Explorer can increase that coverage up to $ 99,000. As RVers take more of their belongings with them on trips, utility trailers are becoming the norm, so it makes sense for the insured to include their trailer on the same policy as their RV.

Golf cart/moped coverage is another option that simplifies RV insurance coverage. With Explorer, you can add physical damage coverage to your RV policy to protect a golf cart or moped that is not licensed for street use, but rather used in campsites and parks.

Mexico physical damage is a great option available to any RVer. This option extends comprehensive and collision coverage into Mexico as long as the insured separately purchases Mexico liability coverage. For more in-depth information, contact your agent.

Awning replacement is available as an option to insureds that qualify for Total Loss Replacement. Awning replacement covers the awning for the full replacement cost of the awning during the first two model years of the RV.

Windshield replacement coverage, offered in most states to protect your RV from damaged windshields. This is a tremendous value considering the cost of replacing motor home windshields.

Whether an insured hits the road permanently or just for a vacation, he/she needs to feel assured that everything is going to be okay when the unexpected happens. A specialty RV policy provides coverages of the gaps that can exist with a standard auto policy. The gaps can be filled economically, as most of these coverage options are inexpensive and go a long way when needed.

Explorer Specialize in RV insurance nationally; (LLC, Trust, and Business coverage) (Class A, B, C, Motor homes, Bus Conversion, Med-duty). Finding a insurance solution for our clients is what we do, and Explorer can help your clients. Please contact with any question.

Tod Carney
Agency Manager

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