Public Liability Insurance protects you against claims for damages caused by accident or injury in relation to your business.

• It covers you against claims for legal fees, loss of earnings, future loss of earnings, and costs of treatments

• It can cover you for your loss of income caused by damage to your business property

• It can also cover you against claims for damages if you accidentally cause breakages on someone else’s property or to their equipment in the course of conducting your business

What else can it cover?

• Loss of income due to losing a key member of staff

• Claims against you by a member of staff due to accident or injury

• Claims against you due to accident or injury caused by a product you sell or make

Who needs it?

• It’s not usually a legal requirement, but it is often insisted on in order to win contracts, for example, by Local Authorities

• It IS a legal requirement for certain specified businesses that are judged to carry a high level of risk of injury e.g. horse riding schools

• Even when not legally required, it is prudent for all businesses to carry it , as the cost of damages can be extremely high – you may be liable for legal fees, loss of earnings, loss of potential earnings, cost of treatments and damages due to defamation or humiliation.
It has been known for claims to be up to £10 million!

Who can benefit from it?

• Any type of business, including home-based businesses

• Anyone organising events for entertainment or charity, e.g. fetes and sports events.

• Anyone who visits other premises in the course of their business

What cover do I need?

• It depends on the size of your business! The owner of a shopping centre has very different requirement s to the local scout leader running a garden fete

• Use an online Insurance Quote Engine to see how much your Public Liability insurance might cost you

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