It can be frustrating to find car warranty companies that offer affordable prices and specific coverage options for certain types of vehicle. While there are many companies in the market, there are few who truly offer value for money in their policies. Now however, clients across America are turning to an organization is helping them to achieve as much as a 50% discount on car warranty dealer pricing. Insured Auto Warranty is helping thousands to reduce the burden of costly car repairs through low premium options for car warranties.


Created in 1999 with the operational mandate of building a company that could better represent clients in the constant battle against skyrocketing warranty pricing, Insured Auto Warranty has become a leading partner to drivers up and down America with their high quality catalogue of car warranty options. By purchasing a policy through Insured Auto Warranty, clients can rest assured that they’re covered each time they step out in their vehicle. Whether the driver is in the US or Canada, Insured Auto Warranty will respond to their unique car repair needs.


For those who wish to see just how affordable a car warranty from Insured Auto Warranty would be compared with other companies in the industry, the organization offers a free quote tool on their website. By utilizing this free quote tool and inputting information relating to the type of vehicle, they own, that vehicle’s mileage and date of manufacture, clients can quickly discover how much they will pay for their policy. It’s the eyes-wide open approach that is completely divergent to that taken by others in the industry.


This eyes-wide open approach to car warranty sales is also highlighted by the fact that Insured Auto Warranty showcases each of the coverages available in their catalogue online for visitors to their site to see and review. By gaining access to this information, clientele can then make a proactive and informed decision based on specific data concerning the policy, before they even speak with a representative of the company.


Trust plays a large role in any business transaction, especially in modern times where it seems like companies have numerous ways in which to take money from clients without reprisal. That’s why it’s imperative that clients searching for leading class car warranty companies consider the opinions of industry regulators. Insured Auto Warranty truly stands out in this regards, as they’ve had the honour of receiving an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for the superior quality of their services.


In addition, the insurance companies that are behind Insured Auto Warranty’s polices have been rated as A Excellent by leading ratings agency AM Best & Co, so clients can truly rest assured that they’re working directly with America’s leading car warranty providers when they purchase a warranty through this high quality organization.


The choice is a simple one to make. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact the team at Insured Auto Warranty today to learn more about the high value options on offer through their warranty catalogue. You’ll be truly surprised at how much you can save.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Insured Auto Warranty offers clients extended levels of value through Warranty for a Car that offer superior coverage on a wide-array of vehicle repairs. To find the right car warranty for you, please go to

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