By purchasing an extended car warranty today, you can save yourself thousands of dollars in future expenses. Being proactive in this regard and speaking with car warranty companies in your local area will ensure that you’re ready to take to the road with the comfort and peace of mind of knowing that you’re fully covered should the worst happen. But how do you know what kind of policy to buy? One company has all the answers you could ever need.

Since 1999 Insured Auto Warranty has been a recognized specialist in the insurance field. With leading class service solutions and a highly informed customer service staff, they work together with their clients to help them assess what kind of policies are suited to their specific needs.

With thousands of clients across North America, Insured Auto Warranty is one of the most trusted car warranty companies in the field. That’s because their warranties are insured by companies that have been rated A – Excellent by A.M. Best and Co. and the company promotes transparency in every area of their work, even allowing cliental to review their policies in full form online before they even contact the company.

While some companies will state that their policies are “0% interest”, this is not always true, as many will hide costs such as administrative fees within their contracts. This is another area in which Insured Auto Warranty stands out as one of the most respected car warranty companies within the industry, as the company’s representatives are trained to offer direct honesty to everyone that contacts their offices. There are no gimmicks and no final sticker shock when clients are shown the final price. Each part of the process is completed with first-class emphasis with an open and frank discussion between the company’s in-house warranty specialists and the client.

Whether you have an older model vehicle or one of the hottest new vehicles off the production lines of the top auto manufacturers, Insured Auto Warranty has a policy that will prevent you from having to pay out of pocket expenses for your vehicle repairs.

They currently offer their clients two distinct service options from which to select – their Bumper to Bumper Coverage Plan and their Component Coverage Plan. As you might expect almost all parts of the vehicle are covered under the company’s Bumper to Bumper Coverage Plan. This plan offered by the specialists at Insured Auto Warranty is very similar to that offered by the world’s leading manufacturers and provides drivers with complete coverage while they’re on the road. Designed for drivers of vehicles that were manufactured in 2005 after or newer and have been driven less than 60,000 kilometres, the Insured Auto Warranty Bumper to Bumper coverage plan is one of the leading policies on the market today.

If you’re looking to insure an older model vehicle that was built after 1996, Insured Auto Warranty will make sure you’re protected when out on the road thanks to their exceptional Component Coverage plan, which will cover the costs of repairs to the more costly items of the vehicle, such as the electrical system, the brakes, the engine or the transmission. As one of the more affordable coverage solutions for older model vehicles, the company’s Component Coverage Plan has come to the rescue of many thousands of drivers on North American roads.

To make sure your vehicle is covered no matter what happens in the future, make sure you speak to one of the Insured Auto Warranty specialists today. At Insured Auto Warranty, first-class protection is a guarantee.

Insured Auto Warranty supplies extended warranty for both used and new vehicles. Their goal is to be the best extended car warranty companies in the market, by providing its clients with reliable service and value for their money.

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