Buying a car is an expensive investment. When cars need serviced, or break down, repair fees become costly. When cars break down repairs can run into hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Many drivers find themselves without a vehicle when parts and service costs accumulate. A car warranty through Insured Auto Warranty offers an affordable car warranty for many models and mileages. A car warranty company will pay for covered costs when they arise, to give you the peace of mind in knowing that your car will be driveable. Without having to worry about the bill to get it back onto the road safely. Insured Auto Warranty has coverage plans which suit various needs from the daily errand driver, to the long distance business vehicle.

Finally, a Car Warranty Made Simple

A car warranty through Insured Auto Warranty is selected online or over the phone in a “no pressure” and patient process. The knowledgeable staff at Insured Auto Warranty will explain the car warranty plans, and help you to determine the ideal car warranty for your needs and budget. Payment plans are available to guarantee that the driver will have full protection in a car warranty of choice. Insured Auto Warranty does not pay their staff a commission on your car warranty plan. Your best interest is their top priority.

Many of Insured Auto warranty’s car warranty coverage plans include road side assistance, and emergency tire service. The Platinum car warranty plan includes: the engine, transmission, drive axle, steering, air conditioning, cooling, suspension, breaks and many more parts and services that would be very expensive to cover out of pocket. Without a car warranty, you’re on your own, when the original car warranty from the dealership expires.

Insured, Trusted and Reliable

When shopping for your car warranty, do not look for price alone. More important factors are coverage, track record and the ability to pay claims. Be sure to research the car warranty company that interests you. If you cannot obtain information on the car warranty company through the Better Business Bureau, do not give them your business. Look for a car warranty that pays for repairs directly. Having to pay your own repairs, constantly seek reimbursement, is a stressful position to be in. An insured car warranty company is essential to avoid scams, such as having claims that should be covered denied.

Insured Auto Warranty is a car warranty marketing company with integrity. Since 1999 they have served clients with an honest and helpful approach. All plans marketed by Insured Auto Warranty are insured by an “A” [excellent] rated company by A.M.Best & Co. Customers continue to be impressed by their quick response, affordable rates, and by giving clients the coverage they are paying for. Visit insuredautowarranty to view car warranty plans, prices, and for more information to choose the car warranty right for you.

Insured Auto Warranty supplies extended warranty for both used and new vehicles. Their goal is to be the best extended car warranty in the market, by providing its clients with reliable service and value for their money.

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