This is a kind of insurance that covers one when his or her property is damage by floods/water. Flood damage occur in different ways e.g. an undetected burst pipe.

Different Types of Flooding

Flash Floods : This type of a flood can be perceived after a heavy rain has stop, Example of heavy rains like Tsunami, tropical storm and not resulting/ failure of dams.
Urban Floods : This is a form of a flood that is usually damages the urban area roads, the cause is that the large amount rain cannot be absorbed by the ground.
River Floods : This is a form of flooding that can be found when the size of river flow is larger than the size estimated that the channel can hold, in this type of situation the river overflow banks, and then the area along side will be flooded.Snow melt and heavy rain are caused by this form of floods.
Rapid onset floods : This are the form of floods that last for a shorter period they can last for up to two days or three.

Steps on How to claim your Flood Insurance

Make use of the photography of the outside premises
Also Photograph inside your premises
Call your Insurance company to report your claim
Make sure that damaged property are separated from the undamaged
Tell them when to come for damages check
Make sure that you keep in touch with your insurance company until the procedure have been done.
Repairing your Home

Flooding can be classify as the natural disaster that occurs unexpectedly, Some locations are prone to flooding than others, meaning that when you are situated in the area where flooding occurs on a yearly basis. Higher premiums are always charged to people who are situated in the flooding area. That is why investors develop a program called Flood Insurance that helps to cover all the cost. Homeowners cannot prevent High premiums situated in the flooding area but High premiums is something that can be prevented, by avoiding in living in a flooding area.

From the word of advice you do not have to live in a flooding area to experience a flooding.

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