Health insurance, much like any other type of insurance, is often considered as a necessary evil – a devil to pay when you don’t know that you will ever need its services, but an angel that you’re grateful you have when you do need to recoup on its promises.  The banking of your baby’s stem cell cord blood isn’t really too different, although the stakes are infinitely higher. 

If your child lives the long and healthy life that any parent wishes for their own flesh and blood, then it’s a decision you never need to regret making – at least your child was covered against a variety of adverse eventualities. If, however, your child needs it as a result of ill health, your rewards might be both life changing and life saving.  Still skeptical?  You’ve really no need to be. Umbilical cord stem cell advancement is still evolving. It is nonetheless proven by the amounts and varieties of serious diseases that have already been cured with stem cell treatments carried out on original donors and their siblings.

Some schools of thought believe that what are known as autologous treatments – when a child’s own cord blood stem cells are used to treat itself – remain unknown quantities.  They claim that congenital disorders, which exist in effected baby’s either before birth, at birth or within a month of birth, can render a baby’s stem cells useless in future attempts to treat the child for a condition it already suffers from.  This is why both mum’s and baby’s bloods are collected and tested before the cord blood preservation process is carried out.  Reputable blood banks such as Cryo-Cell take every possible precautionary measure to ensure that congenital conditions are detected before proceeding.

Then there’s the question of saving yourselves those badly needed dollars by donating cord blood to a public blood bank.  What you will be paying for when you go private is your exclusive rights to baby’s stem cells.  If and when it might need those cells for autologous treatment, there’s no waiting around whilst a suitable match is sought out – and possibly not found. The match is already there, guaranteed, immediately.

Any further questions?  You are bound to have plenty, so why not ask the time served professionals at Cryo-Cell Cord Blood Bank?  Cryo-Cell has been cord blood banking on behalf of over 230,000 clients since 1989, besides substantially contributing to the field with its ongoing research and development.  With over 20 years experience and numerous professional credentials under its belt, you have peace of mind that it’s not a flash in the pan set up.  Factor in Cryo-Cell when planning your baby’s health insurance – and get your family and friends to do their bits by buying you gift certificates as baby shower and birth presents.

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