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Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company is one of the leading and top rated insurance companies in not only in India but also in the whole world. Complaints against Bajaj Allianz Company can be lodged by writing them to their official customer care service center or by calling them. After the complaint is being lodged one should always keep in touch with the complaint manager official. The services provided by the company are very efficient and one should rely on the company for fixing the error. If the error is not fixed within the estimated date the financial officer of the company will look into the matter and the customer will be given proper reimbursement. All the insurance, banking or marketing based complaints are handled with utmost devotion so as to maintain the customer’s reliability and there are skilled and experienced professionals who constantly give in enormous effort to keep up the name of the company and maintain its standard.

The Bajaj Allianz customer care is very efficiently handled by the officers and other staff members. If one needs to lodge a complaint he is advised to speak to the staff member and first and then make a call in any of the branch offices of the company. The services are provided 24*7 and a toll free number is provided in the internet and other outlets where one can even text a written complaint. The company always maintains their high standard and provides the best customer care services to satisfy the customer’s need. If one is not satisfied with their services they openly receive the feedback from the customers and gives their best effort to resolve all the errands. The data to be submitted in Bajaj Allianz customer care should be appropriate and to the point and there is complete transparency while dealing with the customer care services.

The company helps people to invest in mutual funds according to current share market value and dealings. There are various complaints against Bajaj Allianz Company made by the customers. Often because of the share market value’s rise and fall people incur heavy loss which the company does not reimburse. Most of the complaints against Bajaj Allianz Company are made by its policy holders. They are always requested to check the format and other rules and regulations before taking hold of the policy. The company provides an efficient working team which provides services by sales and service representative or in the internet site. The complaints are taken 24x7x365 and can be availed at any time of the day from anywhere.

The Bajaj Allianz customer care always checks the fraud policies to fool people in general and also to decrement the company’s standard and name and takes serious actions against those agents. Often agents take advantage of the common people’s trust and sentiments and lead them to wrong policy skims. The customer care of the company provides full support and reimbursement to the families and returns back their principal money with interest.


I am writing on consumer rights and other relevant topics related to consumer welfare. I am handling a consumer forum to get resolved consumer complaints. many customer care center does not respond like Bajaj Allianz customer care . We do companies constrain to solve people’s problems.

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Employment agencies serve different types of employers and employees and all have different types of exposures that they have to protect against.  Agencies act as the middleman between the worker and the company, and this reduces that amount of work on both parts.  Companies are able to force liability and cost onto the employment agencies and the worker has a one stop place to find a job at multiple companies.  There are many different types of employment agencies, ones that service any types of company and others that specialize in a specific industry.

Because the employee actually works for the employment agency they are just as liable as the company for an accident that occurs on the job.  There are specific insurance policies that employment agencies must have to protect their business from the exposures and risks that may occur.

Types of Insurance Policies:

General Liability Insurance

Third parties that enter into the employment agency office is subject to on-site injuries, especially if areas are hazardous or poorly lit.  Outside areas on the property can cause injury to third parties.  The individual does not have to be a client or a customer; they can be someone that is just passing by.  As an employment agency you are constantly dealing with private information of employees.  Your company can be liable for personal information that is wrongfully released.  General Liability insurance protects your company from claims of damage from personal information being released.

Professional Liability Insurance

There are risks of lawsuits against your employment agency for professional errors if you are not licensed properly or your employees are not trained properly.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance protects both the employee and the employer in case of an injury or illness on the job.  Workers Comp pays medical benefits, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs of the injured employee.  There is risk of injury to your employees everywhere, even just typical office hazards like tripping, electrical shocks, and eyestrain.  But as an employment agency you have employees working for you offsite.  With offsite employees come an even greater number of injury risks.  Workers Compensation claims to your temporary employees can fall on both you and the assigning company.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Some employment agencies offer shuttle services for employee to assignments and interviews, with that there are risks of vehicle accidents occurring.  For specialty and transportation vehicles it is important to have the proper coverage because having inadequate coverage can put your company at risk of lawsuits.  Sometimes employees may be required to use their own vehicles for business purposes.  Risks can be decreased if MVRs are pre-approved for all drivers.


It is important to have the right Employment Agency Insurance for you business.  Go to to get more information on Employment Agency Insurance, Plumbers Insurance, and Transportation Insurance.

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